Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Auto Insurance Agents. Design & Development

My name is Percy Dyer, and today I will code a Web Portal for my new clients from the Peruvian Auto Insurance Market.

Project Background:
Some of the topics covered on this Website will include: car cover, getting quotes, how to find the cheapest rates, and the different companies. We also discuss the specialty companies that offer cover and financial products to people who drive unique and specialty cars, such as antique, classic and imported cars.

This website is dedicated to auto insurance. You can find all the information you need concerning auto insurance right here at your fingertips, just by perusing our informative and interesting articles that touch on all aspects of auto insurance and the purchasing of auto insurance. If you want to get free quotes, you can start by searching our directory of insurance companies that provide quality auto insurance to customers.

The following are some approved designs for the website:

These website also provides an application credit form to process client information online:

Here is a screenshot for the Web Portal Map:

Here is a SQL-tables-structure screenshot:

Thanks for visiting,
Percy Dyer