Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Canal Financial | Data Base Driven Admin Tool

About Canal Financial:

Canal Financial was founded in 1992 as a consulting firm for small banks in South Florida. In 1995, Canal Mortgage established itself as a major mortgage broker with offices in Florida and Puerto Rico.

In 2001, Canal Group started offering business financing options such as bridge loans, mezzanine loans and receivable financing.

In 2005, Canal Financial, LLC became a licensed mortgage lender in the state of Florida offering a range of financing products and services under one roof.

Project Description:
The CEO for Canal Financial, needed a Data Base driven Admin tool to Create and Maintain Trust Deeds. The details are explained next:

Design and Implementation of Access or SQL data base to accommodate all the required fields: Photo, Loan Number, Borrower information, Guarantor information, Security information, Loan terms conditions, etc.

Image Up-Loader. This feature will allow the Web Administrator to upload images into the server from anywhere, without using any complicated FTP application.

Template archive. This feature will control the looking and feel of the page via CSS, providing a set of 4 different templates to choose from. These templates not only will control the colors of the page, but also fonts, and other esthetical features.

Completely data base driven, detail page as:http://www.canalfinancial.com/Deedslist.asp
Data base driven “Print friendly version” page.

Final landing send-by-email application form, which will be displayed after the visitor has selected a specific trust deed investment loan number.

Here are screen shots of the final result:

#1. Admin Tool Title
#2. Link to Create a New Deed
#3. Return to Home Page
#4. Sub-Title of Admin Module
#5. List of Active Trust Deeds
#6. Thumbnail for specific Trust Deeds
#7. Loan Number or Deed Number
#8. Name for specific Deed
#9. Link for View Details of Deed
#10. Link to Edit a Deed
#11. Link to Hide or Show a Deed
#12. List of Hidden Trust Deeds

#1. Link to Edit a Deed
#2. Return to Home Page
#3. Link to back to the Home Page
#4. Title of Admin Module
#5. Fields to document specific information about a Trust Deed

The next screen shot shows a detail of the Maintenance module for an Specific Deed:

Ones a Deed has been hide or show (#1) it will be displayed on different section of the Deed Management module (#2, #3). As the next image can show

How to create a new Deed?
a) go to http://www.canalfinancial.com/admin/deedsmanager.asp
b) Click on "Create a new Deed"
c) Enter all the required fields when you land on (http://www.canalfinancial.com/admin/newdeed.asp)
d) Ones you get to the Upload Images portion of the form do the following:

  • Click on "Cick here to Upload Images" (#1)
  • A new window will be displayed (#2)
  • Click on the "Browse" button to upload a small picture (#3)and a full picture (#4)
  • Ones you click on "Browse" button, you will see window #5, browse to your small image and click "open"
  • Repeat the same procedure to browse to your full image
  • Ones the path for both of your pictures are in place click on "Upload Pictures", This may take couple of minutes so do not do anything until you see the "Image Uploader" window (#6, #7)
  • Now is time to copy (Control + C), and Paste (Control + V) each path (#6, #7) on #1, as the bellow image shows

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