Sunday, June 25, 2006

The World Cup 2006 is here...Forza Italia!

I am currently driving to my office, and I am thinking in Soccer ones again...But this time was not the kick on the knee I received on my last game with my friend at office...this time I am thinking on what I could do to make this World Cup 2006 unforgettable. What About a Soccer bracket for First and Second Phase (48+17 games)?

So that is how I created my company's bracket for Germany 2006. Here is how I presented it to my co-workers:

The time has come. 32 countries from all around the world will fight to be the new champion for the next 4 years. Will the host, Germany, keep the Cup at home? Will Brazil or Argentina make it again? Will the US team beat the odds to be in the top 3 of the world? Now you can make your picks and win cool cash prizes with our World Cup Bracket Contest. It's $10 per game and very easy to play.

You're one step closer to building your SFX Soccer fantasy squad using a very simple website I have completed last night. But there are a few things to note as you set out to craft a championship side and earn some cash.

Enter the contest by filling in the registration form and then, from the 8 groups of 4 teams, pick the winner country for the 48 games using the check boxes. Check both team boxes to indicate the game will be tide. We will probably create another game for the 2nd round, each game will disqualify one team

You (and your closest friends) can create as many brackets as you want, but 10$ is required per each bracket. Any money will be well kept by our Treasure advocated: Carlos, so please give him your 10 bucks per bracket to him. Do not worry, everybody knows where Carlos works lol. Once submitted, entries can be changed as many times as you want until the 9th of June. NO entries can be deleted -sorry I did not have more time to work on this project. All entries must be submitted by June 9th 2006 at 0:01 am EST.

Points are allocated as follows:
1 point for every correct pick on the first round (32 teams, and 48 games), a tide game will give you 1 point if you selected both check boxes from the bracket page. Winner takes it all. The prize will be presented the same day the last game of the first round ends.

Any problem or question you may have please send it at
I hope having time to give to this application, another couple of tweaks.

Here is a description on the parts and features I presented on my World Cup 2006 Bracket:

1) Here is a screen shots of this project:

2) Here are some features available for the players.

Since the amount of goals on the first 48 games is a tie breaker, there is necessary to provide the total of goals accumulated (#1).

Also, this section will show the last player who score a goal and its country flag. All this information was real-time without my data entry needed thanks for an XML parser I put in place on the home page.

#3, will indicate all the player who have or have not played for the bracket. Off course nobody was late since all my friends at office where constantly monitoring any new change on this website :-)

"Percy, it is necessary a section for Real time news feed so we could keep informed about last minute news about injured players and such.." That is why I created feature #4, a real time news feed from world known news sources as, Reuters,etc. The next screen shot is the pop-up detail of the news ones you click on each news link.

Feature #5. It will display detailed information about the game of the day, and also games to be played next. This feature will include a brief description of the stadium in which the next game will be played as well as the teams for the battle.

Feature #6. It is the bracket matrix itself. On top the 48 games real time entered as soon as the game finishes, on the left the name of all the players, on the grid 4 colors: RED and Green for winners and losers, pink and apple green for bets on future matches winners and losers.
Finally, on the right side the total points per player and the leader on the bracket indicated with a soccer balls, off course.

Then feature #7, which displays the games been played at the moment and the current score (real time and using XML), then this score will automatically update my bracket.

Finally #8 displays random images of the games currently in curse by automatically determine how many images are available for the teams in play, and calculating a "path" + random number + ".jpg"

Feature #9. Players recorded at registration a personal slogan, mine was "FORZA ITALIA" for example, then I used this slogans to randomly be displayed on the front page.

This is my database tables and fields. Total I created 4 tables: Users, UsersPronostics, Games, and teams.

Here is a close up of the most important of all tables: Games.

Here are the registration page, and the login page. On the registration page the total number of goals was hidden automatically when Date()>="06/08/2006" since it was a tie breaker as well. The nobody would edit its profile on the future. This field was added after the application was completed so was easy at that point add this field on the user profile and not a the user bracket table.

Here is a screen shot of the bracket(Quiniela in Spanish)itself. Yes I know, you will probably think, Why include ties as a result? by decision is was necessary to avoid many ties on first place..and at the end it really work as a tie breaker.

Now I am working on the second stage for the next 17 games. So far unfortunately USA has been disqualified but many other good teams as Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Italy still on the good fight.. FORZA ITALIA!!

Thanks for visiting my Blog.
Percy Dyer