Tuesday, June 06, 2006

DHL. Reports-Builder Administrator Tool.

My name is Percy Dyer, and today I will code a 'Report center'. This page shows a list of all the reports DHL has requested. Eventually a procedure will run cleaning the server from files older than a month

View aggregate job report Option: It is the Suppression list general report.

Request a New Report Option. Post a new report, based on a job name and base on the client status on the suppression list table.

After a Report has been posted, a Schedule task that runs every 5 minutes from Monday to Saturday will process the report.

The user will be able to check the current status every minute.

When the report is completed you will see a ‘Completed’ status in addition to the file size

The user should click on the red link size, to download the file into Excel format.

DHL Suppression List. This tool has three options:
Main Option: It is used to change the status of a company which could be: Active, Do not mail, Bad address, Insufficient Address; To accomplish this task, this page tracks a company using its account, source code, Company Name or Job Name.
Here is a screen-shot:

Here is the result base on a keyword indicated in the search textbox

Here is its data base structure:

This tool saves the new part of the address (Address, Address2, Suite, City, State, Zip) into the suppression list table, while the old address would be save into the TownOldAddress. There are two more tables where DHL Suppression list application save its data, they are ‘FatherAddress’ which contains the following fields: ID, InsertionDate, and FamilyAddress, which contains the following fields: ID, FatherAddressFK, SuppressionFK, InsertionDate.

Here it is a Table structure of these four tables:

Net Mailed tool: The Net Mailed values per Job Name is a variable used internally by DHL. BFW is in charged of totalizing the quantities mailed and insert them into the ‘JobInfo’ Table.
Here is a screen shot:

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