Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Power Systems Mfg. Engineers

My name is Percy Dyer, and today I will develop an Admin Tool + SQL DataBase connection + New Layout Design.

Today I will spend my next 4 hours coding the front page for Power Systems Manufacture. I have already received all the images needed and the snap shot of the layout is on my hands now. It looks like this after all my notes :/

I have been the Web Master for this client for the last 3 years, and now it is time for a new layout design. The most interesting work I have done for this client was the development of an Administrator tool couple months ago. Click here to view it's Flow Chart

Client Background:

Power Systems Mfg., LLC, have experience in land-based combustion turbines, electrical generation, and military and aerospace technology. And together our expertise is matched only by the most advanced OEMs. It's this unique technological understanding that has solidified us as a true design and manufacturing company.

Power Systems Mfg., LLC, doesn't merely duplicate existing combustion systems and replacement parts. Instead, we analyze them. We model them. We redesign them. And - in the end - we improve them. It's this ability that has made us the #1 aftermarket engineering and manufacturing company in the heavy industrial turbine market.

Here is a Screen Shot of the old website:

2:43pm. I have just finished coding the front page. It looks something like this:

This website has been provided of a powerful Web Based administration Tool. The following will describe in detail some of the Admin Tool features:

Module to search registered users by Name or Company Name:

Module to monitor 'registered users' & 'users waiting for activation':

Edit Registered user information:

Section to register a new user over the phone:

Email Sender module, so PowerMFG could send a Marketing Email Blast to any registered user with just a click:

Email Activation Notification Screenshot:

Thanks for visiting,
Percy Dyer