Sunday, December 05, 2004

My name is Percy Dyer, and this is how I began to develop websites for the Laminate Floor Market.

I Percy, I just checked your website, very cool stuff.
I have 3 (is the main one) the third is The order system has been sometimes frustrating since we cannot add freight automatically on small orders. The customers get upset when they order over the net and we have to call and let them know that even though the orders shows no freight charges on smaller orders we do have to charge freight. I have a whole new series of floors that are private labeled that will be coming on board my site in about 2 weeks. This will require a major facelift. The girl that created lives here locally and she did a good job...........but the shopping cart we purchased either can't do the job I need or she doesn't know how to make it reveal the costs for shipping if it does have that feature. Trading laminate is no problem provided you can help solve this problem. Our company has grown from $600,000. in sales 3 years ago to over 3 million this year.

I am attaching my chicken scratch pages that I have drawn up for the website. I'm sure we will need to add others as we go along. I would like the website to have an old world, traditional type feeling. As our name implies, we carry only laminate that looks like an old fashioned, heavy planked wood floor. I thought that might help in your design.



...So based on this I presented the following designs:

Thanks for visiting,
Percy Dyer