Thursday, May 20, 2004

Marble Kare

Task: Build a Shopping Cart Website for Marble Kare.
Language: ASP

Marble Kare has developed a full line of ultimate care products designed to care for all types of natural stone, as well as ceramic tile and all of your other maintenance needs. Marble Kare produce care and Maintenance Products for the Natural Stone, Tile and Masonry Industry.

This is what we received from our client:

This is the final product:

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Percy Dyer

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Task: Build Recommended local jewelers page.
LANGUAGE: PHP is presented by Serges & Company Estate Jewelers, a specialist in fine quality pre-owned timepieces. Established in 1980, our multi-million dollar inventory consistently includes hundreds of fine watches.

I am the responsable Webmaster for all aspects of WATCHESLIKENEW.COM, a website built in PHP and hosted in an APACHE server. My main responsibilities with this website were to build a Web Based tool to Add new products into the shopping cart, and Manage watch Brands and Jeweler contact information. For this application I also wrote a PHP page to control the watches displayed on the front page 'new arrivals’ section and pop-up welcome window.

Add new products into the shopping cart

Manage Brands

Choose the watches that will be displayed on the 'new arrivals section'

As well as the new pop welcome window.

In addition, there is a new section called 'Jewelers/Dealer entry' where the admin will enter new Jewelers companies associated with WATCHESLIKENEW.COM.

On this project I had the opportunity to learn more about PHP and MYSQL.
Remember use '' to retrieve T06FullName field from MYSQL.

Important links used for this ADDY Awarded Website:

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