Saturday, February 14, 2004

Delivery Connections. Restaurant Delivery

Task: Design a new Layout for this Online Food-Delivery Company. In addition, Develop a fully scalable and adaptable E-commerce Shopping Cart System. This Website counts with a powerful and easy to use administrator tool from where the entry data personnel can maintain restaurants, Dishes, Ingredients, prices, among several other choices.
Language: ASP

Customers love using our interface to place orders. Sales increases of 100%+ over other systems is common for our customers. If you sell pizza or other types of delivery/takeout food, this is the system you've been searching for. Customers view interactive menu on YOUR Website and send orders to your email address.

Company Background
DELIVERYCONNECTIONS.COM is an online home delivery service that provides menus from more than twenty different restaurants. Delivery Connections caters to meetings, parties and special events. In the addition, Delivery Connections delivers lunch and dinner to your home, office, Hotel or dorm.

Here are some screen shots for the Front End:

Here are some screen shots of the Administrator Tool Section:

My client is very pleased with this application not only by the design but also by the intuitive use of the shopping cart and Administrator tool

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Percy Dyer