Friday, June 06, 2003

SYNCHRONIZER: a SQL, VB, ASP, FileMaker & Store Procedures Eclipse

Our company uses FileMaker to record all the daily Timesheets.
The problem with this is that there is not an easy way to create a web based application where every body can individually enter their time sheets. Therefore, I had the idea to use MS VB 6.0 and a Third party control: FMConnector, to communicate with FileMaker.

The solution needed several modules, applications, and Store procedures to run synchronized. For instance, I created a Visual Basic application called Synchronizer, scheduled to run overnight, to record any data from FileMaker to SQL, the porpoise was keep our 'Timesheets Web application' with current information as far as opened Job Numbers and Client names.
Here is a screenshot of VB Synchronizer.

As second step, a second VB application was in charge of updating FileMaker database with the last Timesheets created during the day. In this way I insure a complete synchronization between SQL and FileMaker.
Here is a screenshot of VB Synchronizer Process II.

As a final step, I developed an ASP application that connects with SQL, not only to retrieve all opened Job Numbers, and Client Names, but also to record new Timesheets.

This Application was provided with a robust email spider that daily informs each worker about their missing Timesheets.

It was a very nice experience seeing all these Store Procedures, Over night applications, Email confirmations, and Different Databases interact with each other to accomplish very simple requirement...keeping timesheets updated on an old Database using top of the line 'work around' tools.

Thanks for visiting,
Percy Dyer